Caring for Handmade Jewelry

Caring for Handmade Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry is a beautiful alternative to mass-manufactured jewelry.
Cleaning handmade jewelry should be done with care. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your handmade  or handcrafted jewelry. Be careful not to expose your handmade jewelry to extreme temperatures. No matter what cleaning method you choose, always make sure to dry your handmade necklaces and earrings thoroughly.

If your jewelry has gemstones avoid excessive heat. Avoid wearing your Jewelry when applying lotions and perfumes and store the pieces in a soft cloth pouch or plastic bag to help prevent scratching. Also keep it in a cool place away from direct sun exposure and heat as this can damage the finish on some metals, as well as fade gemstones such as Opal, Amethyst, etc'.

If a piece of jewelry has been worn for a long time and needs a good cleaning, it's best to soak it briefly in soapy water, then pat it dry. Avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower or while swimming. Don't clean your jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner. 
Please don't use chemical cleaners, including toothbrushes and toothpaste, as they can damage the patina on metals.

Personalized necklaces or personalized name necklaces will adhere to the same care. 

Become familiar with each piece of jewelry's unique characteristics. It will go a long way towards extending your enjoyment of it!

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